Information for the media –
so they do not have to read the entire book in order to ask insightful questions.
(I remember those days well)
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                                                      Quick Synopsis

Pardon my asking, but when you die, who’s coming to your farewell party?  Do the invitations include your best friend and exclude cousin Vinny?  Will your favorite song be played?  Will someone read that funny letter you left behind?  Don’t know?  Haven’t thought about it?  Would like to plan it but jeeze… death?

Take heart.  There is hope and it’s called Death for Beginners: a non-threatening, slightly humorous, step-by-step guide to the practical side of death (breathe deeply and remain serene).  This hands-on, easy to read, pragmatic manual is directed toward those 76 million Baby Boomers who will soon be dealing with the Grim Reaper and it’s just what the national psyche is ready for.  Don’t believe it?  Turn on your TV and watch HBO’s Six Feet Under or A&E’s Family Plots.  Go online and view the Death Clock(TM), the Internet’s friendly reminder that life is slipping away. Head to the movies and figure out The Sixth Sense, or read Newsweek‘s November 11, 2005 issue “Ready or Not, Boomers Turn 60”.  Let The Learning Channel scare you with near-death experiences.  Next, venture onto and scroll through the 2,574 books about death and dying.

Who needs another book on death?  One third of the U.S. population, that’s who.  Why do they need Death for Beginners?  Because it’s different.  THIS book is formatted like a workbook with tons of information, is written in Baby Boomer language, and contains humor.  Death for Beginners is a quick read with lots of information, fast.  This book helps the reader plan for his own death and guides him through the steps he must take if he is the one left in charge when a family member or close friend dies.  For each step in the process, the reader is given facts, definitions, options, examples, pros and cons, costs, checklists and a worksheet to fill out with his choices.  Death for Beginners helps the reader quickly accomplish the difficult but necessary task of planning for death.

So if no one knows that you want your memorial service held on the beach with lots of beer and the Rolling Stones blaring “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”,  Death for Beginners is just what the Grim Reaper ordered.  Take a deep breath, Buckaroo. Let’s get started.

Sample Questions

Why did you decide to write this book?

What was the one thing that gave you the creeps during your research?

What exactly is a stripper coffin?

What is one thing that surprised you while doing your research?

How does the website component of the book work?

Would you chose green burial over traditional burial?

Why should someone buy this book?

Why would some people chose to donate their body to a body farm?


If you would like to read the media kit for Death for Beginners, just click on the PDF icon and begin downloading.