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Break On Through To the Other Side: Slip Sliding  Into the Ground Isn’t a Bad Idea EitherA lot of people like the idea of returning to dust, as they say in the Bible. Even more people like the idea of becoming one with the earth, nourishing it. I have a friend who wants to be buried beneath an apple tree on her farm so future generations can have a bite of her each summer.  There’s a joke there, I’m just not sure where.


UK friends: website descriptions that are specific to the UK are in green text.


Did You Know…

While preplanning is wise, especially with something that can be as costly as a traditional funeral, prepayment is fraught with traps for the unwary.

Some preneed plans will not reimburse your money in full if you change your mind.

Some preneed plans are only required to provide like services for those contracted.

Every state has different guidelines. Do  your research and check with the Better Business Bureau.

In the UK  visit Citizens Advice

You too can be buried beside your best friend. The graves of flamboyant and generous businessman Sam G. Jones and his beloved Ocracoke pony Ikey D, Springer’s Point, Ocracoke Island, NC. Photo courtesy of Images by Ruth


Notes & Updates

NEW GREEN BURIAL IN VA!  Forest Rest Natural Cemetery, a green burial option located at Mountain View Memorial Park in Boones Mill (south of Roanoke 15 miles)

Good news for Virginia veterans who want to be buried in a state-run veteran cemetery. A new Virginia law says that burial vaults (which can run in the thousands of dollars) will be provided at cost to eligible veterans and their family members.

Interesting information about funeral flowers!

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The websites for goods and services are offered for your interest and exploration. The the act of posting them here is not an endorsement. There are some “goods and services” sites with whom I have had positive interaction and these sites are noted by the following: !!!


Green or Natural Burial

“The Meadow”  A natural burial ground just ousdie of Lexington VA

Natural Burial Org !!!

The White Eagle Memorial Preserve  !!!
Grave Matters: Embalming

The Centre for Natural Burial !!! Seems to be out of business as of 1/15/14 so try link below

Grave Matters: Natural Cemeteries 

Green Burial Council !!! 

 Memorial Ecosystems !!!

The Natural Burial Company

Not mentioned in book but in VA: Duck Run Natural Cemetery in Penn Laird, Va


Traditional Burial

Find A Grave  UK included!

The Department of Veterans Affairs

this link listed in the book is broken:
try this link:

The Federal Trade Commission

The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society
note* according to several reports, FCGS appears to be intimately connected with, and operated for the economic benefit of, the Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company (LHLIC), a division of the Londen Insurance Company.

Funeral Ethics

National Funeral Directors Association

UK – National Association of Funeral Directors

Returning to the sea can be tranquil, memorable, respectful and affordable. This eco friendly Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud with hand-poured ballast weights is used on a customized full body sea tribute burial cruises held year round. Photograph courtesy of



Burial at Sea

United States Navy Mortuary Affairs Burial At Sea Program

Environmental Protection Agency – Region 4 & links to other Regions this link no longer provides proper information.

Try the link below:

Funeral Helper

New England Burial at Sea: Sea Shroud  !!!

Home Burial

Death Midwife !!!

Lisa Carlson’s Caring for the Dead !!!

Funeral Consumers Alliance – this link broken
try this link:

Crossings !!!

Home Funeral Directory

“A Family Undertaking”


Alternative Burial

Summum’s Mummification of Transference



Funeral Consumers Alliance