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Into The Mystic: Going Out In Flames Can Be a Good Thing


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What you DO NOT want to do – for sure!!!

Did You Know …

The Neptune Memorial ReefTM is an awe-inspiring and affordable memorialization option that is a fitting alternative to traditional burial. An enduring habitat for marine life, the Reef is also a reaffirmation of life after life. Photograph courtesy of Neptune Memorial reef

Not every business calling itself a society is a nonprofit.

There is no restriction on the term so some consumers might believe that a certain cremation society is run like the nonprofit memorial societies.

You don’t want to get a big surprise after you join, do you? Death is a big enough shock as it is!

Do your research. Check out the links below. And always double-check with consumer advocate groups.


Notes & Updates

If you ‘will’ your ashes to someone, you might want to say what is to be done with them once the original recipient passes on. Plenty of people get handed Great Uncle Edward’s ashes and have no clue where the old codger would have wanted them placed.

This is a good site for exploring options and learning about the history of cremation

Cremation Resource is a great site for exploring topics such as cremating pets, different types of cremation, how to arrange a cremation and so forth.

Nice website for cremation jewelry keepsakes is

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The websites for goods and services are offered for your interest and exploration. The the act of posting them here is not an endorsement. There are some “goods and services” sites with whom I have had positive interaction and these sites are noted by the following: !!!



The Green Daily link broken use this link instead: Cremation or Burial – Carbon Emissions and the Environment

All Weird News. 12/18/08.  Body Explodes on Cremation link broken  try this one:

The Reverend Billy Graham


Disposal of Ashes

United States Navy

Neptune Memorial Reef !!!

Alkaline Hydrolysis

Promessa Organic

UK – Scattering Ashes – great resource for ideas and products !

Diamonds can indeed be a best friend if you turn yourself or a loved one’s remains into a certified, high-quality piece of jewelry. Photograph courtesy of LifeGem.



On The Web

Angels Flight !!!

Art From Ashes


Creative Cremains  link has now changed to:

Cremation Solutions

EcoEternity Forest


Eternal Reefs

Great Burial Reef

How to Build a Potato Gun

Life Gem !!!

The Environmental eZine

National Park Service

Over The Rainbow

UK – Walesonline


UK – Urn Jewellery –  Not in the book but a lovely site for funeral memorial jewellery

And for all of you Rock-N-Rollers “You Can Have Your Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl”