Chapter Six Links

I Heard It Through The Grapevine: So Who Wants to Know or Needs To?

UK friends: website descriptions that are specific to the UK are in green text.

The how, why, when, and where of proper notification is an important and necessary part of the mourning ritual.  After all, you may be dead, but you still have to mind your manners.


Did You Know …

The latest rage is to have a solar-powered panel containing a multimedia tribute to the deceased mounted on the monument or memorial marker.  Who says baby boomers are self-absorbed? Just think, you can make your own tribute before you die and include all of those moments when you looked really skinny.

Think about writing your own obituary – have your say, your way.

You can actually send emails after you are dead. While it might be touching to receive a note from the dearly departed, some people just need to, you know, stay dead.


A glowing tribute. Think about a translucent cast glass memorial instead of traditional granite or bronze. These headstones are luminescent in natural light and are both radiant and incredibly tactile. Photograph courtesy of Lundgren Monuments


Notes & Updates

When you want to remove all social networking information for a dearly departed or leave instructions for others to do so for you, check out Web 02 Suicide Machine “A service, presented with a dose of humor, to easily remove your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter presence.”

Interesting Link The Headstone Guide provides advice and inspiration on choosing a headstone,and a very long and beautiful list of epitaphs.

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The websites for goods and services are offered for your interest and exploration. The the act of posting them here is not an endorsement. There are some “goods and services” sites with whom I have had positive interaction and these sites are noted by the following: !!!


Your Obituary
The Identity Theft Resource Center

The obituary of Dolores Aguilar

Obituaries Help


The Remembering Site

Elvis Pelvis

Facebook deceased member notice


LinkedIn deceased member notice

MySpace deceased member notice



My Last Email link broken. Use link below:

Future Me

Memorial Markers at Gravesite

Department of Veterans Affairs

UK – Famous Quotes

Lundgren Monuments

Vidstone Senerity \Panels

Haunt Masters Club Link no longer useful. Use Link below:

Not in book but very much worth a look:

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Gravestone

Unique Gravestones in the UK


Memorial Markers – No Gravesite 


Ever Life Memorials  – original link broken.Use link below:

Designing a Back Yard Memorial Garden

Valley monuments


Memorials on the Web

Angle Families Online – Link no longer works

Gone Too Soon

In Memoriam – Original link broken. Try below:
Heal Grief


Last Memories
site has requested removal from this website 

Memorial Websites

FaceBook online memorials

MySpace online memorials

Your Tribute – create a free online obituary or personalized memorial tribute for a loved one n minutes


Return To Sender. The grave of Elvis Aaron Presley, Graceland Mansion Estates. Photograph by the author.