Chapter Seven Links

The Long and Winding Road: The Paper Trail

The attorney looks around, clears his throat, and informs the family  that the bulk of the old woman’s estate has been left to someone else. Ain’t death grand? For once, you get to have the last say and no one can stop you.  Revenge and reward can both be quite sweet.
Did You Know …
  • In some states if you die without a will, your divorced former spouse can still inherit your estate because a divorce does not automatically cancel a will.
  • In some states you need to specifically disinherit your children, that is if you want to. “Be nice to Mommy, darling…”
  • The movie “write-it-on-the-cocktail-napkin” will is usually rejected as valid by the courts.
The pool boy got it all?????
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                                             The Dreaded Divide

                                          Organization of Important Papers

                                                Death Certificate