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Celebrate Me Home: It’s My Party…

Dark, grim, foreboding, spoken about only in whispers, those are my childhood memories of funerals.  The thought of going to one of those scared me half to death. I didn’t want to wind up on the sofa like poor Aunt Sudie.

Did You Know …

  • Receptions usually follow the format of the service.
  • A traditional service might have a quiet reception while a reception with a festive air might follow other types of services such as a memorial service or a simply scattering of ashes.
  • You can, however mix and match having a traditional service that suits your family and one heck of a reception / party that suits your friends.
  • Or you can be like my cousin-in-law who will probably have his ashes shot out over the water by way of a potato gun.

You can always go out with a bang of a celebration. Cremated remains placed within a fireworks display. Photograph courtesy of Angels Flight

Notes & Updates

Living Funerals are becoming more and more acceptable.  This is where a fueral or celebration of life is held while the person is still living.

Click here for a link to an article stating the pros & cons—Three-Reasons-Not-to-Do-One-For-Yourself-Unless-You-Are-Terminal&id=2365868

Click here for the Wikipedia version of Living Funerals

Click here for an article about UK Living Funerals

Click here for a UK site for a funeral fower guide, monuments and so forth.

Good guide to help travelers get to their family quickly and avoid high costs associated with the last minute airfare.

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Traditional Funeral Service

Committal Service

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Paddle-Out Oceanside Ca, Pier & Amphitheater September 30, 2007 Photograph courtesy of Jerry Anderson.

Your Eulogy


The Visitation

The Reception

Living Funerals

How to Plan a Living Funeral

Reasons to Have a Living Funeral