Chapter Eight Links

Here Comes The Sun: Closure for Family and Friends

Hard. Grief is hard. Anyone who has gone through it will tell you that. But they will also tell you that you can get through it. 

Did You Know …

  • The first holidays will be difficult for your friends and family.
  • You might want to leave instructions asking them to put together a basket for the food bank in your memory, or make a Christmas ornament that has something to do with a memory of you, or dish out food at the homeless shelter.
  • That while grief has its stages and you need to go through each of them, you can and should go through them in your own fashion and at your own pace.
  • When grief becomes extended and begins to alter your life in significant ways, it’s time to get some professional help.
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Helping Your Friends and Family


 Additional Websites

Not in book but this site has 115 top sites for coping with grief and bereavement