15 Things You Don’t Know About Death – and Should! 

1. The average price for a casket today is around $2,000. A simple pine casket usually runs around $300.

2. The average cost of an adult funeral will soon be over $7,000.

3. In some states if you die without a will,  your divorced former spouse can still inherit your estate. Imagine that fur fight!!!

4. Embalming is not required for the first 24 hours and in most states it is not required at all.

5. You can have a direct cremation for as little as $300 depending on location and provider.

6. You can  “rent” a casket for a viewing and buy an inexpensive casket online.

7. A funeral home may not refuse to use a casket purchased elsewhere.

8. Each year in the United States’ 22,500 cemeteries, we bury roughly 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid and 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete.

9. State laws do not require a vault or grave liner ($400 to $10,000) for in-ground burial but many cemeteries insist upon one.

10. Mortuaries must make available an unfinished wooden box or similar inexpensive container for Cremations.

11. One person can save or enhance up to 60 lives through organ and tissue donation.

12. Funeral homes must show you a list of all the funeral caskets they sell complete with prices and descriptions before actually showing you their funeral caskets.

13. No states have laws regarding the kind of container in which you can or cannot be buried.

14. By federal law, the funeral home must accept a casket of your choice, regardless of where it’s purchased and cannot charge a handling or inspection fee.

15. There are approximately 81 million Baby Boomers and you can be certain sure that sooner or later we’re all going to “mort.”  Every single one of us. Breathe deeply and remain serene.

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